Boost and Energise Box


Total CBD 600mgs
CBD Gummies (150mgs), Hemp Coffee (200mgs), CBD Capsules (250mgs)

Have you over indulged? Struggling to stay hydrated & focussed, a little shrivelled up? Well, this is the box for you! You can use these products consecutively over a period at lower doses or get a Re-Boost burst in a single day (after the night before).

The perfect gift for that friend who likes a party, or anyone craving a much-needed boost due to hormone fluctuation, PMT, neurological flare ups or perfect to have available if you start to struggle with fatigue or anxiety. The box aims to invigorate ensuring fast routed CBD to where it is needed quickly, to alleviate symptoms.

Please note some options may change last minute due to availability.

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  • Gummies (60 Grams) 150mgs CBD
    These Gummies are a fantastic energy and clarity shot, right when you need it. Great for anxiety, turning nervous sicky energy into nervous positive energy with a handful of sweets! In terms of dosage, you really can have as many or as few as you would like, please though be mindful of the sugar content of these Gummies, if sugar tends to give you a rush, then avoid these before bedtime. Ideally Gummies should be teamed up with regular use CBD oils/capsules to see benefits longer term with pain & inflammation, sleep & areas of mental health. Gummies are fantastic for on-the-go CBD consumption, they taste great (which is often not the case with many CBD edibles), they give you the ability to manage your own CBD consumption as and when you need to.
  • Hemp Coffee (20 bags) 200mgs CBD Dosage: 2-3 cups per day
    A good start with our coffees would be to have one in the morning, this should help with any fogginess and help you think more sharply. It will also help kick start the cannabinoids early to begin the healing process resulting in less caffeine headaches or coffee ‘jitters’. The reduced acid content also helps aid digestion, so no more coffee cramps!
  • Organic CBD Capsules (25 capsules) 250mgs CBD
    Medium use – 2 to 4 capsules taken daily. Strong use – 5 to 6 capsules taken daily. We would suggest you try to take the full dose as early as possible in the day, but after you have eaten something substantial. The cannabinoids will start to work fast, and you should feel some relief quite quickly, ready to introduce the remaining products to your period of re-boost. These capsules almost eliminate the quite sour taste of some CBD oils. They ensure a measured, regular dosage of Organic CBD into the body and give you the ability to increase/decrease dosages as required. If you are beginning your journey with CBD for the first time, we would recommend beginning on a mild dose, increasing to medium after one week if you are happy with the benefits experienced. The finest botanicals have been selected to create the capsule blend, all ingredients are sourced from certified organic farms.


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