Watching Loose Women this week (with a cuppa and some banana bread obviously) Olivia Newton-John’s interview really struck a chord with me as she spoke bravely and honestly about her battles with cancer. I honestly thought how refreshing it is to hear such a global star talk so positively about the health benefits of CBD and her breast cancer journey. She was explaining her intention to combine her conventional treatment with plant-based remedies and I felt I had to share some of the benefits she touched on and how I use CBD oil in my products.

Obviously mega disclaimer here – we are not doctors and currently, most experts and medical professionals are taking this research with caution since there is still a long way to go with many studies still to be undertaken. Like Olivia Newton-John, experts recommend that, if you want to try CBD as an approach to cancer, you do it alongside traditional treatment methods rather than replacing it entirely.

If you’re looking for ways to consume cannabis oil then why not try my concoctions via a delicious spicy curry, a luxurious chocolate brownie or slice of banana bread?

Food, specifically comfort food, is a brilliant way to consume high quality, organic CBD oils as meals or sweet treats to avoid leaving a strong taste in your mouth and to stagger your intake.

Maybe you or someone you love is battling this awful disease and has a loss of appetite, if so, our wonderfully sweet gummies can help support health needs in small doses throughout the day.

As well as cancer fighting benefits CBD oils can also help aid feelings of anxiety & depression, poor sleep, inflammation, skin complaints and many more. I recently wrote a blog post on managing stress with CBD oil and the benefits so have a gander here.