With the news changing daily it’s easy to get swept up in the anxiety of what’s happening with the world and where do we go from here? I wanted to share some benefits of CBD oil….and a little bit of what you fancy, which for me is chocolate, for easing stress.

Clarity of thinking, a great memory and loads of energy are all terms that have not been associated with me personally for a good couple of years until I began to consume CBD oils regularly. Even now when I feel particularly stressed or anxious I treat myself to a piece of cake but with a twist, as I have one of my Cakeyhemps. A delicious sweet treat that is combined with CBD oil. The almost instant uplifting and calming feeling I get from taking 10 minutes with a cup of tea, a chocolate brownie and some deep breathing still amazes me to this day.

The feeling of the organic CBD oils working their way through my body and almost switching a light on in my mind is such a nice feeling. It means I am able to manage my anxiety and stresses as well as have a delicious piece of homemade, fudgy, salted caramel laced brownie, which let’s face it in itself is beyond lush.

So how does it work to manage stress? The primary benefit of using CBD is its impact on your serotonin levels. You are going to see a regulating effect on the serotonin levels in your body, which can go a long way to help you feel better and think more clearly.

If you can relate to this then I’d urge you to help yourself in one of the most natural and enjoyable ways to improve your health, with a break and a cake. Check out my Cakeyhemps and treat yourself – release the serotonin.