Are you a Woman? Yes? I know I have at least a third of the population covered here. So, when ‘Aunty Flo’ comes to visit (why Aunty Flo??) a whole host of symptoms rear their heads… Stabbing leg pain, insomnia, night sweats, a strange feeling running through your body and brain every month? Arguing with idiots on social media and not being very nice to those who are lovely are also some not-so-nice side effects. These are all very real and in the most part completely UNDISCUSSED.

You, my fellow females, are struggling on silently when these feelings of pain and anxiety rumble on. Month after month, year after year and then optimum unpleasantness hitting around the 40 mark. (Oh yeah, that’s what they call ‘pre-menopausal’…just as bad as menopausal but you still haven’t jumped through that final hoop of total misery just yet). They have sexy acronyms of PMT, PMDD and not-so-sexy mega discomfort before, during and after your period. All the above really does affect the masses and aside from over-the-counter pain relief there is little relief from a barrage of incredibly unpleasant symptoms. Of course, if this affected men, we’re sure there would be multiple cures but alas no.

I have now finally been diagnosed with PMDD, and not just me, thousands upon thousands of women just like me with a lot to lose and what appears not a lot of help or support to try and make sense of these physical, emotional and psychological feelings that affect us. Following years of prescription meds, which at times compounded the misery and worsened the symptoms of crippling stomach pains, a LOT of crying and…..who knew legs could sweat so much?? I was left feeling like a trapped mess of buzzing hormones with nowhere to escape. I eventually got my s**t together and saw some sort of light. That light was a considered structure of relevant vitamins and supplements that included Niacin (vit B3) and CBD oils. I truly believe this has saved me from a continued cycle of self-loathing and discomfort brought on by the fact I have a female reproductive system and I’m the wrong side of 40 (only just).

Whilst this mixture doesn’t alleviate all symptoms, I now have the tools and knowledge available to help me manage this. I know my monthly cycle as well as I know the details of each of my children’s births (that’s a lie, I actually can’t remember their weights… well to the nearest pound will that do?) Hey, did I mention memory loss as being another great symptom?
If you can relate to any of this then you are not alone. I’m not going to tell you to look at what you’re eating and exercise more (which I was actually told once by a gynaecologist following a referral….thanks petal). What I WILL do is reassure you that there are other ways to help manage your pain, anxiety and perceived ‘mentalness’ if you look to a more natural solution which is how Condihemps was born for me. I’ve got another handy lil blog post on the benefits of CBD oil here.

I feel it’s time as women we stopped suffering in silence and gained our lives back. I hope this post has given you some hope and to know there are options out there to help. Give some of my products a look here and see if they’re for you. Also here are some other links that helped me:
PMDD Awareness UK