CBD is one of the oldest and most trusted sources of plant supplements known to us. Its positive effects are endless, a totally organic and natural way to heal by including it in your diet. But why eat it?

By incorporating CBD oils into our food, the effects are known to last much longer, between 3-6 hours in most cases. Unlike many supplements, the human body does not build a resilience to CBD – which means that there is no risk of consuming too much and each dose will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and ready to fight another day.

As has been well documented in my other posts & blogs, taking CBD can have wonderful benefits on us as humans, both physically and mentally. If good quality CBD is consumed regularly and with food, I personally have found the benefits to be lifechanging. From helping alleviate back pain and inflammation, hormonal imbalances, sleep issues & anxiety, to skin and digestion issues.

Hands up who is struggling to sleep during this difficult time? Do you find it hard to drop off? Or keep waking up during the night? Then feel exhausted all day, straight back into the cycle at night…

CBD has shown in many cases to combat insomnia, however it presents to you personally.  This isn’t just by ‘knocking you out’ like many other prescription drugs, it works hard to tackle the areas that impact sleep such as anxiety, worry, PTSD as well as generating feelings of calmness to enable you to feel more positive day by day. It also does this by regulating the levels of Melatonin, this is the hormone released to regulate the sleep / wake cycle.

So that’s the science, with this in mind we wanted to create a range of food to help support feelings of wellness, enjoyment and most of all comfort! So when you dive into our delicious treats, whether that is a bag of chewy, sweet gummies for a sugar hit, a hot chocolate spoon to chill out with or a breakfast pot full of goodness you will feel warmth, happiness and calm wash over you.  Feelings of confidence and optimism should start to shine through if taken regularly, particularly during this difficult time managing all aspects of this pandemic.

If you have any questions around our products or CBD in general, then feel free to drop me a private message via the contact form.