How can CBD help with symptoms of Menopause and Perimenopause?

What is Menopause? Some have referred to it as reverse puberty (as if it wasn’t bad enough on the way in). Progesterone and Oestrogen should work alongside each other quite nicely during our 20s & 30s, however towards the end of our 40s these hormones can fluctuate, triggering some rather unpleasant and upsetting symptoms.
The menopause will be experienced by 100% of women and can last around 8-10 years, 75% of women experience symptoms that impact on quality of life.

What is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause usually begins for most women in their early 40s and means simply ‘before menopause’. Often cycles are regular, and pregnancy is still possible, but for some the feelings of sadness, despair, fatigue and many more are still very noticeable. These symptoms can have a damaging effect on women’s physical and mental wellness if not detected and managed early.

What are the symptoms?

There are now over 30 symptoms associated with the menopause (see link), it’s important to remember that these fluctuations can affect our bodies physically, but equally as important is the affect on our mental wellbeing.

These symptoms can present in many forms and are dependant on your own cycle and medical history. The range from anxiety to imposter syndrome, sleeplessness, racing heart, brain fog, hot flushes, paranoia, bloating, nausea as well as feelings of anger & frustration.

I think we can all agree that managing all this alongside busy families and work can be incredibly difficult and at times can seem utterly unbearable. Many women say, ‘I just don’t feel like me anymore’ and that’s not something we should just accept, so what can we do?

Why CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is plant derived, non psycho active and non-intoxicating.

Our bodies have a series of endocannabinoids, view these guys as those that maintain the body’s natural balance via our nervous system. During times of fluctuating hormones, stress or injury they need some help to get things back on track. The cannabinoids from the CBD bind to our natural receptors, offering healing and strength from the brain via the nervous system.

CBD also reacts to the receptors in the brain that manage serotonin levels, serotonin is the natural hormone that creates feelings of happiness and pleasure. So, by boosting these levels, CBD can produce naturally antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects.

What’s ahead?

Within Chinese medicine, the transition in and out of menopause is known as your ‘second spring’, a brand-new chapter in life.

So, take the time now to understand that journey, how frustrating and painful it will be at times, but equally the life beyond it. A life of people you managed to love enough and who love you enough to fully enjoy your second spring with.