Ok I know the weather forecast might not be bright and sunny, but a bank holiday means a BBQ. Rain or shine! My range of pastes are perfect for when you want to cook in the great outdoors (or even on the grill at home, which is looking incredibly likely).

Here are my top 5 tips for the perfect BBQ fodder:

  1. Marinate like you’ve never marinated before: Any protein needs the time to absorb flavour so make sure you coat them well and leave in the marinade for as long as possible. My pastes are bursting with flavour and combined with the CBD oil they are absorbed within a few hours.
  2. Match your protein: Know what you’re going to season and then pick an accompaniment / marinade that fits. My harissa paste is a great match for red meat as the apricot compliments lamb perfectly. Don’t be afraid to try unexpected proteins either – Jackfruit is so popular now and pairs with Piri Piri flavours like they were made for each other.
  3. Prepare for any weather: We live in England so if you can’t get the outdoor grill going on, then make sure you can cook in your oven. Most food is transferable. I’ve definitely cooked food under an umbrella before, rain won’t stop me.
  4. Don’t forget the sides: I’m looking at you corn on the cob, and I’m fairly sure that pasta salad counts as one of your five a day… Right? My pesto sauce goes so well with pasta as a delicious side dish.
  5. Relax and enjoy:  BBQs are meant to be fun. Enjoy being with people again, even if it is only 6! I think the CBD oil infused into my products should help anyone sink in, relax and enjoy the time off with their family. Cheers!